Maldives Surf Charters

For all the surf addicts out there Vacation Maldives offers the chance of a lifetime to enjoy surfing at its best with all the trimmings of a comfortable luxury escape to the exotic islands of Maldives. The perfect surf environment, idyllic ambiance and star class service welcomes you to a holiday of epic proportions among the sea, sun and sand. A Vacation Maldives surfing safari is the best holiday package a sea-lover could ask for.

With over 30 years of reliable service and proven skills at organizing surfing safaris, Vacation Maldives is also the proud owner of the largest fleet of safari boats in Maldives. Expertise combined with local insight and complete professionalism result in a quality final product that will leave you feeling pampered and satisfied on our Maldives surf charters.

On the Male Atoll safaris, the most popular breaks for surfers visiting from April to October can be found. The Outer Atoll surf safaris offer more daring and seasoned surfers to tread unchartered waters around the Maldives while enjoying an array of modern amenities and world class comfort.

If you are a fan of the latter and wish to plan an Outer Atoll surfing adventure, it is recommended that you enjoy a 14 day trip at the very least as travelling to and from the atolls can take up to 4 days both ways, under favourable weather conditions.

Come onboard one of the most luxurious and reliable surf charters in Maldives and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime to tread the waves and master the currents in your very own style.