Maldives Cruising Safari

If your idea of a vacation is sailing across the seas exploring uninhabited islands in Maldives, cruises are guaranteed to make your dream come true. Hop on board a cruise that will take you across turquoise waters and lead you into quaint fishing villages where the simple lifestyle of fisher-folk will inspire you. Enjoy the vibes of tranquillity and relaxation that will accompany you all along the cruise. For those who are daring enough, the cruise offers a perfect chance to explore and discover uninhabited islands that are rich in foliage and wildlife.

Look into magical sunsets and sunrises each day of your cruise. Dig into delightful delicacies cooked up and served onboard by veteran chefs. Revel in the world class quality of service that is presented for your comfort and ease. The cruising safari gives you the chance to enjoy the best of exotic Maldives in the short time of seven days. The cruise packages are available all year round as cruises are relatively unaffected by weather conditions.

You will be picked up from the Male International Airport and immediately transported to a world of comfort and ethereal beauty onboard a boat chosen out of seven models that complete an impressive fleet. Should you also feel like taking a dive on your cruise, make sure to reserve the option along with your booking.