Submarine Tours in Maldives

Ever wondered what kind of world lies beneath the ocean surface? Full of surreal landscapes, vibrant life forms and a fascinating array of creatures that glisten and glide through the waters, the mysteries of the deep have for long been accessible only to certified divers. However in the Maldives, you do have the chance to explore and experience this underwater terrain without having to even get wet!

Submarine tours organised by Vacation Maldives give you the unique opportunity to head below the waves in an actual whale submarine, providing breathtaking panoramas of marine life be it yellow box fish, napoleon wrasses or common lionfish. You even have the chance to spot manta rays, giant groupers and white tip reef sharks too. Following stringent safety measures and protocols, the submarine offers a totally safe journey with the crew offering an informative guide to the many sights that unfold before you.

Ideal for a family adventure, these air-conditioned submarines dive to depths of 40 metres taking passengers on an unforgettable descent where one can come across submerged reefs teeming with life, vibrant coral gardens, old shipwrecks lost in time and hidden caves inhabited by mysterious creatures, curious of this new visitor to its ocean home.