Maldives Island Tour

Ever dreamed of being cast away on an island just like Robinson Crusoe, with nothing but pristine palm fringed shores and calm blue waters for miles around? The Maldives is home to a great many uninhabited islands offering the perfect escape where you can get away from it all and experience sheer tranquillity in a slice of tropical paradise.

A Maldives island tour to these deserted isles offers plenty of privacy and seclusion which can be shared with that special someone or even your entire family. Imagine having a whole island to yourself set up for a romantic hideaway where you can walk hand in hand along soft white sands, have an intimate meal on the beach and catch a spectacular sunset just for the two of you.

An uninhabited island also makes an ideal place for families to enjoy some quality time together; spend the day snorkelling, plan BBQ lunches on the beach and explore the island on a fun adventure as you make holiday memories to last a lifetime.