Sandbanks Camping Tours Maldives

Encircled by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean or the tranquil shades of an aquamarine lagoon, sandbanks are secluded little patches of sand forming a kind of isolated islet. Varying in size, each sandbank in Maldives offers its own private getaway amidst endless sea vistas. The ideal place for a romantic interlude, sandbanks are perfect for couples looking for a true private dining experience be it sharing a lavish lunch prepared by your very own chef or toasting an unending love while sunset paints the skies with a fiery passion.

For a truly unique escape, you can choose to spend the night on one of these enchanting sandbanks. Camping takes on a whole new meaning as you stay in a luxurious tent with the sounds of the sea around you and a dazzling array of stars cloaking the skies above. Wake up to the sun’s first rays lazily stretching across the horizon as the day begins anew on a sandbank made for two.