Holidays to Dubai are filled with the promise of adventure and fun. With an assortment of diverse and exciting activities to do, the vacation will never be boring. Visit some of the culturally and historically eminent attractions and make memories. Take an exciting trip among the sand dunes in a desert safari. Visit some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels that you will ever witness and treat yourself a spa session in the emirates that redefines decadence. Take an entire day or two out for shopping with your family and loved ones to enjoy the best of local designers and internationally renowned brands brought to your fingertips.

Alternatively enjoy beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise against the impressive skyline of Dubai and visit their beautiful beaches where the adventurous could try to ride the wild waves that break against the shores. Sit back at one of their exquisite fine dining spaces or walk in to a casual dining restaurant to try out a bit of authentic Dubai cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. Visit some of their artistically abundant galleries or walk hand in hand with your loved one into one Dubai’s labyrinthine Souks filled with vibrant colours, busy vendors and an array of everything starting from perfectly blended authentic local spices to home decor, clothing and even skilfully designed pieces of intricate handicraft.

Join Vacations Maldives on a journey that lets you experience the best of Dubai with comfort, ease and the guarantee of an unforgettable vacation among the dunes.